Drone Photography and Video for Surveying Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Large Commercial Property Roof Survey

We were tasked with doing a condition survey of all roof sheet joints and gutters for debris as you can see from the image of the sheet, there is rust forming on the join of the edge of the steel sheet. We took over 1000 images during an extensive drone survey. Using our powerful reporting system we then went through every image, highlighting any defect we found – be it rust damage, vegetation or debris in the gutters.

Above are just a few images taken from our reporting system. As you can see, they show where the image was taken and then also more localised location and then a zoomed in image of the defect as you can see the image quality fades the more you zoom in. With our 42 mega-pixel camera the detail when zoomed in is very high quality. However, for most clients the standard image will suffice.

Case Study 2 – Lighthouse Corrosion Damage Survey

In these set of images of the lighthouse dome we found that the dome had previous corrosion damage that had just been painted over. Although this will slow the corrosion, over time when the paint deteriorates, or if water ingress occurs, this will ultimately hold moisture and create more corrosion.

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